Leverage your competitors' data in real time.

Make more ROI-positive decisions with clean and categorized insights for prices, products, reviews, and everything else.
  • Live Data – Get notified with the latest information as soon as a competitor updates their website
  • A.I. Parsing – We clean and normalize large volumes of data and deliver the important information to you
  • Easy Setup – Get onboarded in minutes and start getting competitor data instantly and hassle-free

Make more Insight-Driven Decisions

No more being in the dark. Leverage insights from both winning storefronts and your top competitors to direct your business decisions.
Pricing Strategy
Get data from popular marketplaces like Amazon as well as all your competitors so you know exactly what numbers to price products at.
Product Strategy
Using marketplace and competitor data, know when to restock or withhold which products to maximize profits and desirability.
Feedback Tracking
With sentiment analysis technology, get notified when you or competitors recieve good or bad reviews across social medias and forums.

Robust, Global Coverage

Never worry about servers. Monitor as many sites, pages, and elements as you need simultaneously in the cloud.
Rest easy with guaranteed uptime and reliability measures ensuring you don't miss anything.
Always detect changes and alerted before anyone else with the help of our professional team.
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Top-Tier Technologies at your Fingertips

FetchNotifs contains a vast array of tools and features that will cover all your needs. Download a sample of what your data might look like below.
Job Scheduler
Scrape every site sites weekly, daily, hourly, or even as fast as every 5 minutes.
Rich API
Access the raw parsed and cleaned JSON via our easy-to-use API.
Intelligent Parsing
Leverage artificial intelligence to organize and classify data in a meaningful way.
Integrated Proxies
Never worry about proxies, utilize our vast proxy pool for your scraping needs.
Sentiment Analysis
Enable artificial intelligence-based positive or negative sentiment scores.
Email Alerts
Get emailed immediately (or via Slack / Discord) when anything important happens.

10x Your Product Intelligence

Supercharge your business insights by diving deep into organized datasets that matter. Make informed decisions, streamline inventory processes, and elevate your product strategy.
  • Categorical hierarchy
  • Availability status
  • SKUs

Reshape Your Pricing Strategy

Understand and implement pricing techniques that resonate with your target audience. Elevate your brand's value proposition by harnessing the power of a strategic pricing model.
  • Temporary and permanent promotions
  • Discounts and flash sales
  • Shipping costs

Track Reviews and Sentiment

Understanding your customers' perceptions is paramount, so harness the power of real-time feedback and pivot your strategies based on genuine customer sentiment.
  • Star ratings
  • Reviews across the web
  • Social media and forum mentions

Monitor Your SEO Health

Maintain keyword and Google ad dominance and adjust your SEO strategies promptly when competitors encroach on your keyword positions. Get alerted instantly when results fall.
  • SERP rankings
  • Search engine ads
  • Headings and keywords

Three Simple Steps

Go from zero to hero in a matter of minutes with our flagship software and team. Start making smarter business decisions and increasing revenue today.
Book Consultation
We'll discuss exactly what data / needs you require, making sure we're a good fit.
Tutorial and Onboarding
Members of our team will get you set up and familiar with the software in no time.
Start getting Data
We auto-detect prices, stock/availability, and content. No need to configure anything.

Book Consultation

Fetch automates the repetitive and time consuming work of collecting and organizing the competitor data landscape. Spend more time growing your business and doing what matters.
  • Adjust pricing and products to get more customers and maximize revenue
  • Respond to or take advantage of positive / negative reviews faster
  • Discover when competitors infringe on your keywords
  • Optimize ad spend based on popular trends and competitor landscapes
  • Automate market and product data research efforts
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